Let’s Talk Immigration Reform

Just read this article on http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/12/technology/tech-firms-push-to-hire-more-workers-from-abroad.html?_r=0 and this is what I have to say: We need to overhaul our temporary work visas and come up with a new system altogether. Why can’t we adopt what Canada and Australia have done.  Have a point system for professional applicants, the work authorization obtained via this system should not be tied to a particular employer. The immigrant worker should be allowed to freely work for anyone within his professional field and compete with qualified American workers.  I believe a lot of abuse by employers of H1B employees will disappear once we eliminate this system where the employee is tied to an employer for a visa. Yes, it does lead to abusive practices by employers.  I have come across many clients who suffer through their H1B employment by accepting lower wages, long work hours, continuous threats of losing their jobs and visas.

The other problem with H1B is the notion of specialty occupation.   Unfortunately, USCIS and Department of Labor’s definition of what a “specialty occupation is quite antiquated. The reform should really eliminate this specialty occupation notion.


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