The Huffington Post: The Start Up Act 2.0 for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

In a bipartisan effort the Congress has finally recognized the importance of Immigrant Entrepreneurs, The Start Up Act 2.0!  Read full story here:

This is a great effort and hopefully it will pass the legislative process , however, the federal government can improve entrepreneurship opportunities for immigrants within the existing visas simply by training USCIS officers to enhance their knowledge about newer sometimes “out of the box” business models and business ventures as a result of advancement of social media and information technology. Unfortunately, USCIS is operating with arcane concepts, for instance employment is all about a master servant relationship, a virtual office or home office is not entrepreneurial, an online business is not a real business unless you own a factory or a store.

PBS “Need to Know” highlighted problems with legal immigration.  In its obsession to deport people Congress is overlooking the importance of maintaining a steady flow of legal immigrants.












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